HMP Birmingham, Work and Education

Birmingham is a local prison with education and training places for approximately 500 prisoners. The training is varied and includes construction courses in bricklaying, plumbing, painting and decorating, carpentry and joinery and multi-skills. Other vocational training and work opportunities available include forklift truck training, industrial cleaning, NVQ Catering, Aramark canteen packing, textiles and contract services. The education provision is managed by Manchester College.

The education provision provides a comprehensive programme within two education departments for approximately 160 students. There is also a large outreach provision involving the vulnerable wing, day care centre and workshops.

Courses available are as follows:

  • Skills for Life – literacy, numeracy and ESOL
  • Social and Life Skills
  • Information & Communications Technology
  • Visual and Performing Arts (including media)
  • Distance learning/Open University
  • Vocational training in Radio Production
  • Forklift Truck
  • NVQ Barbering
  • Catering
  • Performing and Manufacturing Operatives
  • Learn Direct offer Literacy Level 1/2 and Numeracy Entry Level 3 and Level 1/2

.The work opportunities that are available are:

  • Industrial cleaning and bio-hazard Workshop , providing a quality service to the prison itself as well as letting prisoners gain qualifications linked to employment opportunities on release.
  • Textile Workshop, which help delivery of NVQ Performing and Manufacturing Operatives
  • Production Workshop, packing and DHL canteen work
  • Prison laundry workshop service both the prison and outside customers

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2 thoughts on “HMP Birmingham, Work and Education”

  1. I was in hmp Birmingham in 2018 just completed my bio-hazard leave 1,2,3. I passed my test I meant to have proof that I passed the couse. From hmp Birmingham I got transferred to hmp Featherstone. I explained to the novice education department that I done a bio hazard corse, the novice department education in hmp Featherstone find out that I passed mthe corse I was a bio hazard worker in hmp Featherstone. But still ant got the proof what I need to get a bio hazard job. Could you PLEASE could you find this information out and get back to me. THANK YOU.

    1. Hi, Firstly please note that we have no connection with HMPS, we are an independent organisation just trying to give people unbiased and factual information.

      As it seems the prison education bepartment are tardy in responding to you, you should make direct contact with the Education provider for the Prison, which is Manchester College. If you have got the approximate dates you completed the bio-hazard training, they will have a record of your success and should be able to help.

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