Visits & getting there, HMP Thameside

Social visits on weekdays are between 08:45 – 11:45 and 13:45 – 16:45 at at weekends between 10:00 – 11:15 and 13:45 – 16:45. Each period is split into 2        1 ¼hours sessions, and it is not possible to book “back to back” double visits.

Prisoners book their own visits using the IT kit in their cells. Visitors are required to bring photo ID and proof of address for their first visit and they will be processed on a biometric system for identification at subsequent visits. You are advised to take photo ID etc on each visit. Arrive at least 30 mins before your visiting time to be processed through admin at the visitors centre. As at all prisons, there are restriction on what can be taken into the prison ( no mobiles, cigarettes, food or drink etc) and these can be left in lockers at the visitors centre (£1 deposit for a locker).You will be searched prior to admission into the prison.

In the visits hall you can buy tea/coffee etc, and there is a childrens play area run by play workers. Please note that Visits property will only be accepted weekday mornings on a booked visit.

Getting there

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From Woolwich Arsenal Station catch the 244/380 bus to the prison. The bus stops are situated directly outside the exit from the railway station. Its about a 15 min walk or a £6-7 taxi ride. The nearest stations are Woolwich Arsenal and Plumstead. Catch a bus from Woolwich Arsenal station to the prison, or walk from Plumstead station. (10 min stroll) Click for bus and train times

By car from from M25 Dartford Bridge/Tunnell take the first slip road immediately after tolls, (NB head for 4 left hand tolls when coming over the bridge). Signposted A206. First exit at roundabout and come over the motorway. Then on the roundabout over M25 – signposted A206 Crayford/ Erith. University Way and:

  • Roundabout end of University Way/ dual carriageway signposted A206 Crayford / Erith.
  • Into Bexley / single carriageway / roundabout.
  • 4th exit signposted Erith A206 Crayford/Erith Roundabout end dual carriageway
  • 2nd exit signposed Woolwich/ Thamesmead A206
  • Roundabout 2nd exit signposted A2016 Thamesmead, Plumstead, Woolwich
  • Series of roundabouts signposted A2016 Thamesmead, Plumstead, Woolwich
  • Dual carriageway towards Thamesmead, roundabout signposted Western Way
  • Signpost to prison.

If driving from Woolwich proceed along Plumstead Road, turn left into Pettman Crescent (just before Plumstead Bus Garage) then take the second left at the traffic lights into Western Way.  Follow signs for HMP Thameside.

From Plumstead go along Plumstead High Street, turn right into Pettman Crescent (just after Plumstead Bus Garage) then take the second left at the traffic lights into Western Way. Follow signs for HMP Thameside.

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