Programmes offered at WWM

Offending behaviour programmes are courses that are designed to help stop  offending. The court can order you to take part in a programme as part of your sentence.  It may be as part of your community order or a condition of your release from prison. The following courses are currently run by WWM:

  • Building Better Relationships
  • Community Sex Offender Group Programme (Run by the National Probation Service.)
  • Drink Impaired Drivers

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We can introduce you to  experienced  lawyers can help you with parole,  probation,  immigration, adjudications, visits and any other complaints  and disputes you have with the Prison Service.

The solicitors are all experts on how the Prison Service/Criminal Law  system works and will be able to provide to you the necessary advice and support to ensure you or your loved ones are treated fairly. These lawyers are "small enough to care about you, but big enough to fight for you"

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" A Man Who Is His Own Lawyer Has A Fool for a Client"

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