Programs offered @ London CRC

London CRC offers a number of courses and programs to help offenders. The main courses are below, click here for course details

  • Aggression Replacement Training,
  • Building Better Relationships (BBR),
  • Integrated Domestic Abuse Programme (IDAP),
  • Steer Clear a costed  drink-drive programme focusing on the impact of alcohol on the body and how this may influence behaviour. Participants who complete the programme within the set time will be eligible for a 25% reduction in their licence ban,
  • Thinking Skills Programme,
  • The Women’s Programme,
  • Workwise,

Specified Activity Requirements

London CRC also provides a range of one-to-one Specified Activity Requirements to address specific aspects of offending as follows:

Caring Dads, Education, Training and Employment, Female Aggression and Domestic Abuse,  Domestic Abuse Intervention, Restorative Justice, Skills for Life, Structured Supervision Programme, Structured Supervision for Women, Structured Supervision for Anger Management

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