The probation service

The mainstream probation services were privatised in 2104, and their work taken on by 21 new businesses, called community rehabilitation companies.  Click here for a map of these new regional bodies. Certain offenders will still be dealt with by the public probation service, including  any high-risk offenders – including those with convictions for violence and sex crimes. Many of the staff in the old public service probation trusts have transferred to the new CRCs, and the majority of premises and contact numbers remain unchanged.

The CRCs are all slightly different, but most offer the same programmes to help offenders.  Broadly these programs have a similar objective/deliver.  For brief details click here

The old probation trusts have been merged into 7 new regional areas dealing with the higher risk offenders, click here for a map of the regions

Details of the old probation trusts can be found here

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