The insurance trap

Household and car insurance, to name just 2 of the main insurance products, become more difficult to find if you, are anybody else connected to the insurance policy, has a criminal conviction which isn’t “spent” under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Acts 1974 (click here for details).

If you insure a car where a driver has a criminal conviction and you don’t tell the insurance company BEFORE you take out the policy and there is a claim the insurer MAY decline your claim, leaving you without cover. If, like most people, you have got your car  insurance via a web site company, this exclusion is fully explained in the small print when you take out the policy, but the majority of people don’t read the small print (!).

Same with household insurance and tradesman policies.

There are specialist insurance brokers out there who will help you (and it may not cost any more),  follow this link for some assistance. After all, what is the point of  you paying for insurance cover which won’t deliver when you need it most?