Find a Prisoner

Within the prison system, people are moved from prison to prison. The moves are either because they have progressed successfully through the system, eg from a Cat B to a Cat C or Cat D, or for other operational reasons. Finding where they are is realitively easy but isn’t immediate.

HMPS runs a system called Prisoner Location Service. E-mail them at or write to them at :

Prisoner Location Service
PO Box 2152
B15 1SD

You must include:

  • your name, or the organisation you represent
  • your date of birth
  • your address including postcode
  • name of the person you want to find
  • the reason you want to find them eg. you’re their solicitor, or a family member
  • any other names they may have used
  • their date of birth

The service will make checks with the prisoner, prison security and other bodies before they supply the information

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