How do prisons actually work?

You will have seen in the papers and on the TV reports as to what happens in prison. The media report the extremes of good and bad, and these don’t reflect the day-to-day reality of doing time in custody.

The 3 core things which matter most to a new prisoner (!)

How Prisons Work

On Tuesday 24th March it was announced that all prisons in the UK would go into a "lock down" state, as a result on Covid19.  In simple terms it means that prisoners will be confined to their cells for the vast majority of each day, being unlocked only for meals and very limited exercise periods. All social visits are cancelled with immediate effect.

The prison staff will ensure that medical requirements will be met as per usual but there will be no "association periods" for the prisoners. Undoubtably this will be difficult and stressful for a number of prisoners, but the prison authorities are acting for the greater good of the majority of prisoners and staff.

Any establishment specific queries you may have should be directed to the prisons