IMB Reports

The IMB usually make an annual report on the prison, and most of these are published. These reports are a useful insight into how the prison is actually performing at the “coal face”, as well as raising issues at a regional/national level.


Prison Names in alphabtical order Prison Region
Altcourse 2013-14 (PDF 0.12mb) North West
Ashfield 2013-14 (PDF 0.39mb) South West
Aylesbury 2013-14 (PDF 0.12mb) South Central
Bedford 2013-14 (PDF 0.33mb) East of England
Belmarsh 2013-14 (PDF 0.85mb) Greater London
Blantyre House 2013-14 (PDF 0.94mb) Kent & Sussex
Brinsford 2013-14 (PDF 0.09mb) West Midlands amp;
Bristol 2013-14 (PDF 0.23mb) South West
Brixton 2013-14 (PDF 0.39mb) Greater London
Bronzefield 2013-14 (PDF 0.27mb) Greater London
Buckley Hall 2013-14 (PDF 0.27mb) North West
Bullingdon 2013-2014 (PDF 0.11mb) South Central
Bure 2013-14 (PDF 0.13mb) East of England
Cardiff 2013-14 (PDF 0.25mb) Wales
Cardiff 2013-14 Welsh (PDF 0.22mb) Wales
Chelmsford 2013-2014 (PDF 0.11mb) East
Coldingley 2013-2014 (PDF 0.19mb) Greater London
Cookham Wood 2013-14 (PDF 0.12mb) Kent & Sussex
Dartmoor 2013-2014 (PDF 0.11mb) South West
Doncaster 2013-2014 (PDF 0.44mb) North West
Dovegate 2013-2014 (PDF 0.14mb) West Midlands
Drake Hall 2013-2014 (PDF 0.09mb) West Midlands
Durham 2013-2014 (PDF 0.17mb) North East
Elmley 2013-14 (PDF 0.09mb) Kent & Sussex
Erlestoke 2013-14 (PDF 0.41mb) South West
Featherstone 2013-2014 (PDF 0.11mb) West Midlands
Forest Bank 2013-2014 (PDF 0.18mb) North West
Garth 2013-2014 (PDF 0.12mb) North West
Highpoint 2013 (PDF 0.31mb) East of England
Isle of Wight 2013-14 (PDF 0.26mb) South Central
Kirklevington Grange 2013-14 (PDF 0.08mb) North east
Lancaster Farms 2013-14 (PDF 0.31mb) North West
Leyhill 2013-14 (PDF 0.08mb) South West
Lewes 2013-2014 (PDF 0.31mb) Kent & Sussex
Lincoln 2013-2014 (PDF 0.12mb) East Midlands
Lindholme 2013-2014 (PDF 0.18mb) North East
Littlehey 2013-2014 (PDF 0.19mb) East
Liverpool 2013-14 (PDF 0.31mb) North West
Long Lartin 2013-2014 (PDF 0.42mb) West Midlands
Lowdham 2013-2014 (PDF 0.15mb) East Midlands
Maidstone 2013-2014 (PDF 0.42mb) Kent & Sussex
Manchester 2013-14 (PDF 0.13mb) North West
Moorland & Hatfield 2013-14 (PDF 0.13mb) York/Humb
New Hall 2013-2014 (PDF 0.17mb) York/Humb
North Sea Camp 2013-14 (PDF 0.12mb) East Midlands
Norwich 2013-14 (PDF 0.45mb) East of England
Nottingham 2013-14 (PDF 0.22mb) East Midlands
Oakwood 2013-14 (PDF 0.21mb) West Midlands
Parc 2013-14 (PDF 0.21mb) Wales
Parc-Welsh 2013-14 (PDF 0.15mb) Wales
Pentonville 2013-14 (PDF 0.15mb) Greater London
Peterborough 2013-14 (PDF 0.16mb) East of England
Portland 2013-14 (PDF 0.24mb) South West
Preston 2013-14 (PDF 0.23mb) North West
Ranby 2013-14 (PDF 0.18mb) East Midlands
Rochester 2013-14 (PDF 0.34mb) Kent & Sussex
Rye Hill 2013-14 (PDF 0.41mb) East Midlands
Send 2013-14 (PDF 0.22mb) Greater London
Stafford 2013-14 (PDF 0.23mb) West Midlands
Standford Hill 2013-14 (PDF 0.15mb) Kent & Sussex
Stoke Heath 2013-14 (PDF 0.12mb) East Midlands
Stocken 2013-14 (PDF 0.17mb) East Midlands
Styal 2013-14 (PDF 0.09mb) North West
Swaleside 2013-14 (PDF 0.22mb) Kent & Sussex
Swansea 2013-2014 (PDF 0.11mb) South West and Wales
Swansea (Welsh) 2013-2014 (PDF 0.15mb) South West and Wales
Swinfen 2013-14 (PDF 0.25mb) West Midlands
Thameside 2013-14 (PDF 0.07mb) Greater London
The Mount 2013-2014 (PDF 0.42mb) Herts
Thorn Cross 2013-2014 (PDF 0.42mb) North West
Usk 2013-2014 (PDF 0.42mb) Wales
Usk Welsh 2013-2014 (PDF 0.42mb) Wales
Wandsworth 2013-2014 (PDF 0.27mb) Greater London
Warren Hill 2013-2014 (PDF 0.48mb) East of England
Wayland 2013-14 (PDF 0.23mb) East of England
Werrington 2013-2014 (PDF 0.08mb) West Midlands
Wetherby 2013-14 (PDF 0.12mb) North East
Whatton 2013-2014 (PDF 0.16mb) East Midlands
Whitemoor 2013-2014 (PDF 0.21mb) East
Winchester 2013-2014 (PDF 0.50mb) South Central
Woodhill 2013-2014 (PDF 0.19mb) South Central
Wormwood Scrubs 2013-2014 (PDF 0.12mb) Greater London
Wymott 2013-2014 (PDF 0.14mb) North West

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On Tuesday 24th March it was announced that all prisons in the UK would go into a "lock down" state, as a result on Covid19.  In simple terms it means that prisoners will be confined to their cells for the vast majority of each day, being unlocked only for meals and very limited exercise periods. All social visits are cancelled with immediate effect.

The prison staff will ensure that medical requirements will be met as per usual but there will be no "association periods" for the prisoners. Undoubtably this will be difficult and stressful for a number of prisoners, but the prison authorities are acting for the greater good of the majority of prisoners and staff.

Any establishment specific queries you may have should be directed to the prisons