Regimes at HMYOI Wetherby

A multi-disciplinary approach is adopted in the delivery of Offending Behaviour Programmes. The establishment currently offers the accredited Reasoning & Rehabilitation Programme, and a series of personal development programmes.

Drug Strategy: The Governor and staff at Wetherby are wholly committed to the reduction of illegal drug use in Prison, to provide a safe and healthy environment for those who live and work there. All reasonable measures, including Mandatory Drug Testing, Suspicion Drug Testing, and Frequent Drug Testing, are used to reduce drug misuse within the establishment.

For those trainees with a drug problem there is counselling and groupwork/education available to them.

Chaplaincy: The establishment has a proactive Team that contributes to the pastoral care of both staff and trainees. There are weekly C of E and RC services and Muslim prayers. A full-time chaplain leads the team.


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