General Details, HMYOI Wetherby

A former naval base, Wetherby became a borstal in 1958, and has since changed its role from an open youth custody centre to a closed youth custody centre and is now a dedicated centre for males under 18. The governor is Andrew Dickinson and the establishment is run by HMPS as part of the North East, Yorkshire and Humberside Prison region, and Wetherby has a capacity of 336 trainees


  • Anson unit – 9 cell segregation (A1) and a 9 cell progression landing (A3)
  • Benbow – 48 bed unit with accommodation for first night procedures and restricted status
  • Collingwood – 60 bed standard accommodation for enhanced young people
  • Drake – 60 bed standard accommodation
  • Exmouth – 60 bed standard accommodation
  • Frobisher – 60 bed standard accommodation
  • Keppel unit – 48 bed complex needs unit


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