Education at Wetherby

HMYOI Wetherby has a tradition of offering ½ time education and skills training. The core day activities are built around this principle, and all offer some form of national accreditation.

The Education Programme is provided by City College, Manchester. Courses are provided in a variety of subjects and individual timetables are developed to meet the trainees’ needs in conjunction with the sentence planning process.

The Physical Education Programme offers trainees the provision of up to 7 hours PE per week. The PE provision is a mix of formal accredited work and a development of leisure activities. The PE programme links into the individual timetables.

Skills Training is provided in the following areas – Woodwork, Paint & Decorating, Cookery, Information Technology, Mechanical Repair, Industrial Cleaners, Motor Mechanics, Horticulture, CDT, and Electrical Assembly. All skills training is offered on a needs basis that contributes to sentence planning process and links into the individual timetables.

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