HMYOI Wetherby


General Information

Name or Prison HMYOI Wetherby
Address: York Road
West Yorkshire
LS22 5ED
Other contact details:
Web Site:
Main switchboard: 01937 544 200
At Risk hotline:
Fax: 01937 544 201
Visits booking number: 01937 544207
Visits booking email:
Visits booking txt number:
Type of Prison: Male young offenders


Wetherby caters for juveniles serving a Detention & Training Order Sentence of up to 2 years and those remanded into custody from sentencing courts within the catchment area of Humberside, North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and designated areas of Lancashire and Greater Manchester. It incorporates the Keppel Unit which specializes in providing a safe and supportive environment for some of the most challenging and vulnerable young people in the country, whose needs cannot be met in the mainstream prison system.

The governor, Peter Gormley,  has been in charge since July 2020 , and the establishment is run by HMPS as part of the Yorkshire and Humberside Prison region, and Wetherby has a capacity of 336 trainees.