HMYOI Werrington, Regimes

All young people have access to Physical Education throughout the week, evenings and at weekends. In addition a full enrichment programme is in place for evenings/weekends including Youth Club, Sewing/Crafts Club, Lego and Pottery.


Drugs Strategy

Werrington’s Young Persons Substance Misuse Service (YPSMS) consists of 5 drugs workers who assess the individual needs of each young person entering the establishment within 24 hours. The young person is then allocated a substance misuse worker for the remainder of their sentence to assist with any issues arising from their assessment.

The YPSMS department run workshops e including Alcohol awareness, Cannabis awareness, Universal substance awareness, Overdose prevention and a Targeted Stimulant awareness programme.

Auricular Acupuncture is also available for young people who require assistance with coping with cravings, i.e. Tobacco, as Werrington is a no smoking establishment and Nicotine replacement therapy is not currently available for the young people


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