Regimes at Deerbolt

Induction  All prisoners arriving at Deerbolt will initially be located on A Wing, the induction Unit. Staff on A Wing will give induction talks and hand out reception packs, which contain the following: A 2nd Class letter, Information booklet for prisoners, Information booklet for family/friends and Canteen price list. The induction informs new prisoners of the prison rules and regulations, sets out the standards of behaviour expected of the prisoners and gives brief explanations as to how the priosn works, chaplaincy, education, workshops etc. 

Resettlement Offending behavior courses run by the prison include:

  • Enhanced Thinking Skills (ETS)
  • Focus on Resettlement
  • Drug recovery

Advice is given to prisoners during the last weeks of their sentence from a representative from Jobcentre plus advice with regard to benefit claims.


Deerbolt Gardens
Deerbolt Gardens

Training in land – based activities, leading to a NVQ




Gym Block Deerbolt
Gym Block Deerbolt

All prisoners l complete an induction into the physical education programme. The sports Centre provide opportunities for prisoners to develop their physical skills, strength and fitness. The Gym rums numerous programmes promoting a healthy lifestyle Qualifications from the leisure industry are available to take. The courses available weightlifting, volleyball, basketball, football and badminton

The Healthcare Centre

Healthcare Centre
Healthcare Centre

Healthcare is delivered by the NHS at a fully equipped Healthcare centre. There is a range of out- patient clinics including visiting specialists including a Dentist, Optician, Psychiatrist and Counsellor. The usual array of outpatient clinics are available if required.The centre also provides mental health support with Psychiatric Nurses, Counsellors and support workers from Durham Tees Valley Health Trust.

The Chaplaincy

Deerbolt Chapel
Deerbolt Chapel

  Regular religious services and classes are held the main religions represented at the prison. and the needs of prisoners from other faiths are met as needed. The chaplaincy team provide pastoral help and support for all prisoners.

Drug Strategy  Health issues are addressed by providing information and education about substance/alcohol abuse and harm minimisation. There is active CARAT services .New prisoners are met within 24 hours of his arrival by a Drug Worker to assess their needs. The priosn has a Drug Recovery wing for those prisoners who comply with the regulations. The principles of SMART Recovery operate on this wing

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