Regimes at Hollesley Bay

Drug Treatment

Hollesley Bay will occasionally accept prisoners on the Integrated Drug Treatment System (IDTS) subject to prior agreement with their healthcare staff. Courses and programmes are run on rehabilitation treatment, education, counselling including attending volunteer groups. The approach taken to illegal drug usage at Hollesley Bay is one of teamwork centred on care for the abuser’s health and the encouragement of ending the abuse. The prison works with Care UK and the RAPt organisation to provide help, guidance, and counselling, in support of the addicted prisoner.


Prisoners have access to a Job Club and Virtual Campus, a web based information service, that allows them to seek for jobs anywhere within the UK.  In common with all prisons, priosners do not have access to the “real” internet. The prison actively supports the use of RoTL (Release on Temporary Licence) to help the prisoner re-intergate with life outside the prison environment. It must be remembered that RoTLs are a privilege, not a right, and can be withdrawn or denied based upon IEP status. Prisoners within their last year of before release are able to source paid work within a 40 mile radius of Hollesley Bay, subject to various rules regarding the suitability of the job, eg not bar work etc.


All medical and dental care is delivered by Care UK. There is on site nursing cover from 0730hrs until 1700hrs Monday to Friday and from 0730hrs until 1400hrs on Saturday and Sunday. A doctor’s surgery is scheduled six days a week. There are no in-patient facilities and the nearest NHS Hospital is 15 miles away in Ipswich.


The Chaplaincy team deliver services for CoE, Catholics and Muslims at the appropriate times on a weekly basis. Provision is made for other faiths via visiting ministers.

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