General Details, Hollesley Bay

HMP Hollesley Bay was developed as a Borstal in 1938 on the site of a former colonial college with extensive farmlands whose original buildings, dated 1887, now house much of the administration centre. it became a young offender institution in 1988. In April 2002, Hollesley Bay open prison for adults mainly was formally separated from the adjacent HMYOI Warren Hill, which is now a closed establishment holding a solely juvenile population.


There are 9 residential units,

  • Blything – a 42-bed unit holding prisoners on their first night and during induction; it also contains medical use rooms for residents who need in-room toilets.
  • Hoxon – an 82-bed normal location residential unit
  • Stow – a 76-bed unit normal location residential unit
  • Bosmere – an 80-bed normal location residential unit
  • Wilforde – a 72-bed normal location residential unit; also holds prisoners with disabilities
  • Samforde –a 15-bed unit holding prisoners over the age of 50
  • Threadling – a self-contained bungalow for long-term prisoners preparing for release
  • Cosford – a 72-bed normal location residential unit
  • Mutford: a 43-bed unit housing most of the paid workers and other outworkers

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