General Information, Forest Bank

The prison opened in 2000 under a 25-year private finance initiative (PFI) contract to provide 800 places as a category B local prison. Spaces gradually increased to 1,160 before a 264-place extension was opened in November 2009. Following a reduction in prisoner places, the establishment now holds 1,364 remand and sentenced adult males and remanded young adults (18-21 year olds). The majority of the prisoners are from Wigan, Leigh, Bolton and Bury.



Wings A-F are the original prison; G and H are the new buildings added in 2009. The wings hold the following:

  • A1: Young adults
  • A2: General
  • B1: General
  • B2: General
  • C1: Workers/enhanced
  • C2: Compact-based drug testing
  • D1: General
  • D2: General
  • E1: Drug regime maintenance
  • E2: General
  • F1: Drug regime maintenance/basic regime
  • F2: General
  • G1: Recovery wing
  • G2: Kitchen workers
  • H1: Integrated drug treatment system/induction
  • H2: Vulnerable prisoners
  • Health care inpatients (20)