Regimes at Doncaster

Education is provided in conjunction with The Manchester College and the courses include basic skills in numeracy and literacy to higher level IT skills. The PE department works with a number of professional sports organisations and helps prisoners gain vocational qualifications which are relevant to them finding employment in the sports and leisure industry. Work for prisoners are in print and design, film making, rail track maintenance, textiles, catering, gardens & cleaning and laundry, along with the usual orderly tasks.

Drug Strategy: prisoners with drug/alcohol misuse problems are identified through reception procedures. Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust provides a joint team Substance Misuse workers and clinicians working towards the delivery of the Recovery Programme in the prison. As well as a range of group sessions to help prisoners the service offers Counselling, Assessment, Referral, Advice, and Throughcare services. An accredited Building Skills For Recovery Programme and a series of other accredited and non-accredited programmes help prisoners against all Reducing Re-offending Pathways.

Resettlement: Catch 22, an outside body, provide Offender Management and Resettlement both within the prison, as well as through the gate into the community, providing advice on employment, careers and housing support with help from over 100 external agencies and service providers such as NACRO, Princes’ Trust, Action for Employment, Job Centre Plus, SOVA, DISC, The Work Programme, British Legion, SAFFAR, Councils from Rotherham and Doncaster, Action Housing, SYHA and Foundation Housing.

Healthcare: Provided by Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust, with regular medical surgeries and nursing clinics.

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