Work & Education at Chelmsford

The prison has a focus on increasing employability for its prisoners on release and includes Education and Vocational Training, which is provided by the education contractor, A4e. The courses offered include Functional English and Maths, ESOL, ICT, Art, as well as a range of Social and Life Skills. Vocational Training in Cleaning and various aspects of Construction and Maintenance is available. All the courses offer national recognised qualifications.

Every prisoner has an initial screening for English and Maths on day two of entering the prison and a one to one interview with TRIBAL staff who provide the National Careers Service.

Work is provided in Gardens, Recycling, Laundry, Kitchen and Maintenance, Domestic work and in a Multi Activity Workshop . There is a PICTA workshop that delivers training towards IT qualifications, including Microsoft Office Specialist.

The gymnasium offers recreational gym and a wide range of courses leading to industry related qualifications.  The prison runs a Turning Pages reading scheme, where trained prisoners work as mentors with other prisoners to help them to improve their reading skills. There is a virtual campus offering career/job search assistance and a fully stocked library.

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