Regimes at Chelmsford

The prison has a Samaritans supported Listener Scheme in place for prisoners who are in distress or who need to talk in confidence, as well as Insiders Scheme to assist prisoners through the first few days in prison.

Specialist organisations are based within the prison, forming part of the Reducing Reoffending agenda, to actively engage prisoners with all elements of resettlement. These include Nacro, Seetec, The Job Centre Plus, Ormiston Children and Families Trust, Inside Out.

Assistance is available on a wide range of issues; money and debt guidance, help to open a bank account, drug & alcohol interventions, multi-agency resettlement and pre-release clinics, job clubs to developing ties with prisoners and their children through Story Time Learning and children’s visits initiatives. Partnerships are also held with external companies, helping to drive education and employment opportunities in preparation for release.

Safer Custody Helpline

The Safer Custody Helpline is an answer machine service that can be used by prisoners or their families to report bullying or to report concerns about self harm or suicide or any other Safer Custody issue. To use this service call 01245 552297 and leaving a message, including your name, the prisoners name and a return contact number and brief details of your concerns. It is an answering machine service and checked by prison staff daily.

 Medical Facilities

 Health care is provided by NHS via North Essex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust in a purpose built facility within the prison in the newer part of the prison. It has a 12-bed, 24-hour health care unit.

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