Regimes at Wymott

GYM: There is a large sports hall, weights room, CV room, training classroom, remedial suite, pavilion, assault course and full size outdoor sports field. A full range of activity is run to meet all levels of fitness and abilities.  Chapliancy: All faiths are catered for by full time and part time ministers. Weekly services are held for the main faiths represented at the prison. The Chaplaincy team teach a band and choir which meet weekly.

Programmes: The prison hold a range of Offending Behaviour Programmes including the Thinking Skills Programme, Healthy Relationships Programme and the Sex Offender Treatment Programme, A Victim Awareness Course is also offered by the Chaplaincy Team.

Elderly and Disabled offenders .There is an Activities Centre which works Age Concern staff and full-time social care workers to provide a range of social and resettlement activities.

Pre Release : A Custody to Work team provides all offenders with help and support in the 16 weeks prior to release about accommodation, employment and training, benefits, bank accounts and financial literacy.

Drug Issues and Protocols: There is 70 place Therapeutic Community operating independently from the main prison with a full programme of activities to support a drug-free return to the community. A large CARATS team works with all offenders to prevent relapse. The prison has an IDTS Unit which takes offenders on a managed methadone programme, a substance-free unit for Cat C prisoners involving psychosocial interventions and the accredited Building Skills for Recovery programme.

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