Regimes at Wormwood Scrubs

Timetable: Weekdays the prison regime runs from 07:45 when prisoners are first unlocked through to 19:30 when they are finally returned to their cells for the night. Prisoners are able to shower and exercise on their Wings before work/education at 09:00. Lunch is 11:30-12:30 and the afternoon education/work sessions runs from 14:00 to 16:00. Association on the wings is at 16:30 – 18:00, with evening meal at 18:15. 2/3 times a week there will be a further period of association until lockup at 19:30. Weekend regimes follow the same core times but with additional periods of association.

Incentives & Earned Privileges (IEP) scheme operates within the prison with “promotion” and “demotion” to either reward or punish behaviors.

Offender Management. All prisoners serving sentences of over 12 months are supported by an offender supervisor whilst at HMP Wormwood Scrubs. Sentence plans / OAsys assessments are developed and delivered in consultation with individual prisoners and their offender managers to ensure that assessments and referrals to appropriate interventions are made and acted upon. There is a compulsory Assessment Centre which all prisoners attend when they first come into custody in order to have their needs assessed and to have a Custody Action Plan (CAP) drawn up.

Integrated Offender Management Partnerships HMP Wormwood Scrubs has developedl links with the local community in order to reduce re-offending and to protect the public, including arrangements with key stakeholders from the eight London Boroughs to which prisoners mostly return. London Probation Trust (London crc), Metropolitan Police, relevant Local Authority and voluntary sector organisations are key stakeholders. Partnerships also exist with local businesses as well as a number of different faith based organisations; with the aim of providing realistic working and educational opportunities and support for ex-offenders once released.

The prisoners have access to Citizen Advice Bureau support.

Chaplaincy: The Chaplaincy at HMP Wormwood Scrubs works as a Multi Faith team. The five major religions (Church of England, Roman Catholic, Muslim, Sikh and Hindu) regularly worship in the prison. The other religions are represented by their faith ministers who visit regularly or upon request. Sports facilities: A large gymnasium is available for use by all prisoners. Gym opportunities are also available on some wings and supported by trained and qualified inmate staff.

Healthcare is provided by the NHS via Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust and mental health by Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust. The prison has a 17 bed in-patient facility.

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