General Information HMP Wormwood Scrubs

The prison was built between 1875 and 1891 by prisoners from Milbank Gaol. During its existence is has housed women prisoners, been a borstal and was used by the War department in the early 1940’s. The buildings were refurbished around 15 years ago at the same time a new wing was added.


  • A wing holds 290 prisoners; two of the four landings are for prisoners in full-time activities
  • B wing holds 176 prisoners and operates as the induction wing.
  • C wing holds 317 prisoners
  • D wing has single-cell accommodation for 244 prisoners, and holds most
  • prisoners whose cell-sharing risk has been assessed as high
  • E wing has 146 single cells; two of the three landings are for prisoners in full-time activities.
  • E4, has the new function of a mentoring and support unit.
  • The first night centre has spaces for 34 new arrivals.
  • Jan Wilcox unit, which is used as an extension of B wing, has 17 spaces for peer workers and enhanced prisoners.
  • Conibeere unit has 55 spaces for new arrivals requiring substance misuse stabilisation.
  • The segregation unit has 19 cells.
  • There is also an in-patient health care unit (17 bed)


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