General Details, HMP Woodhill

HMP Woodhill was opened in 1992 as a local prison, but in the late 1990s took on a high security role as a core local prison. The prison also has a close supervision centre (CSC), ‘managing challenging behaviour’ unit and protected witness unit, housing some of the most challenging prisoners in the system.


All house units, except 5 and 6, are divided into two wings, A and B. Each wing on the main house units is designed to hold 60 prisoners in single cells. Some cells have been converted into doubles. All units hold a cross-section of prisoners, including category A and young adults, following a risk assessment.

  • House unit 1 A mix of remand and convicted prisoners; unit 1B is the induction unit.
  • House unit 2 A mix of remand and convicted prisoners on both wings; unit 2B is the drug rehabilitation unit.
  • House unit 3 A mix of remand and convicted prisoners, 3B is closed for refurbishment.
  • House unit 4 A mix of remand and convicted prisoners; unit 4B is the vulnerable prisoner unit housing adult males, including category A and young prisoners.
  • House unit 5 51 cells, all purpose built for two prisoners. This unit is currently closed for refurbishment.
  • House unit 6 -Five wings (A to E).
    • A and B are national CSC wings, including the national assessment centre, holding some of the most violent and disruptive prisoners in the prison system.
    • C wing accommodates the first national ‘managing challenging behaviour’ unit.
    • E wing is part of a national protected witness scheme.

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