Regimes , HMP Wealstun

The prison runs the usual offending behaviour groups including drug and alcohol awareness programmes. They also support a Listener Scheme, Peer Support, Race Equality representatives and a prisoners information desk. In common with most prison they liaise with Alcoholics Anonymous, Gambling Anonymous, Leeds Health Promotion (Health Fair/HIV/Sexual Health etc) and Victim Support.

Drug Strategy

The Drug Strategy is delivered through Supply Reduction and Treatment & Support Action Groups. The prison strives to deter, disrupt and detect the supply of drugs, including the proactive use of education, intelligence, drug detection equipment, search dogs, Mandatory Drug Testing, restricted visits and legislation to provide a safer environment for all persons living, working and visiting the prison.

Services include healthcare, IDTS, CARATs, PASRO drug treatment programmes, a drug support wing, compact based drug testing, peer support, Narcotics/ Alcoholics Anonymous, offender supervision and a personal officer scheme. Wealstun has links through its contractual drug workers with a full range of community based drug agencies in the catchment area for the prison.

Reducing Re-Offending

Wealstun expect individuals to tackle offence related behaviour to reduce the risk of re-offending and harm to the public. Prisoners must be involved in the active participation of meeting sentence plan targets and demonstrating good citizenship and acceptable behaviour. The extent to which individuals have demonstrated is a significant factor when considering progression through the Incentives & Earned Privilege Scheme, Re-Categorisation, temporary and early release.

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