Regime at HMP Wandsworth

Offending and Addiction behaviour programmes: Wandsworth currently runs the following programmes:

  • SOTP (sex offender treatment programmes).
  • Thinking skills programme (TSP),
  • Short Duration drug programme building skills for recovery),
  • RAPt Bridge Drug Programme,
  • Alcohol Intervention Services,
  • Family support services for families of prisoners with addictions.
  • Carat Group Work.
  • Integrated drug treatment service.

Religion: Wandsworth has a dedicated Chaplaincy Team led by the Co-ordinating Chaplain and supported by the following full and part time denominations: Roman Catholic, Anglican, Methodist and by a Muslim Chaplain (Imam). The provision is additionally supported by a number of sessional chaplains including Jewish, Sikh, Hindu, Buddhist, Mormon and Jehovah’s witness chaplains. The Co-ordinating Chaplain makes all appointments in conjunction with the various faith groups and Religious Consultative Services in accordance with national guidelines.

Sports facilities:There are 2 gymnasiums and 1 sports hall.

Food: A 3-week multi choice pre-select menu available on all wings. This covers most religious, ethical, ethnic and personal needs including Halal, Vegetarian, and healthy option dishes

Healthcare:  Provided by St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust and South West London and St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust

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