Regime at Thameside

CMS/Telephony: HMP Thameside have installed basic IT into each cell which allows prisoners to carry out several transactions/applications normally paper based in prisons. These include the following:

  • Menu ordering
  • Canteen ordering
  • Managing their own prison finances
  • Visits Booking
  • General Applications
  • Emailing Healthcare, Reception and Education
  • Gym booking
  • Applying for sentence planning advice and counselling and appointments
  • Applying for work
  • Making their own Healthcare appointments

Staff are able to respond electronically to requests and applications, creating an efficient and fully auditable system for prisoner applications.

Each cell has a telephone for outgoing calls operated by a PIN number. All calls are recorded excepting those legally privileged. The prisoner cannot received incoming external calls. Prisoners have the facility to make calls to key departments within the establishment such as Reception and Education, to encourage responsibility and self-management. They are also able to phone Healthcare in case of emergencies. All departments are contactable via the in cell IT system. 

Chaplaincy: The Chaplaincy provision at HMP Thameside is provided by Christian and Muslim Chaplains as part of the Equality, Diversity and Faith Team. Sessional chaplains of other faiths visit as specific needs arise. There are weekly sessions of communal worship held for the Christian and Islamic faiths.

Catering: Prisoners can pre-select their meals from a 4-week menu cycle that is displayed in-cell on their interactive system. The menu on the in-cell system can be provided in a language other than English 

Prison Shop/Canteen: HMP Thameside operate the canteen facility via the in cell interactive system, including purchase of phone credit. The canteen list is regularly reviewed to match prisoners requests

Physical Education: The Physical Education Department comprises of 4 different areas, the cardio suite, weights room, indoor sports hall and a FIFA regulation size 3G outdoor football pitch. The gym allows prisoners to gain their Level 2 Fitness Instructor or study towards a Level 2 qualification in nutrition. There is also the opportunity to gain sports coaching qualifications which are sport specific through links made within the local community and are delivered by outside agencies.

Offender Management: All delivery of programmes support the Reducing Re-offending “Seven Pathways”. Catch 22 offer a Fathers Project. This is aimed at enhancing peoples skills around working with young children, it covers specific first aid issues, looks to improve knowledge and awareness around child health and progression and more practical elements such as nappy changing and feeding babies. Turning Point is the prison unit which addresses drug/alcohol misuse.

Healthcare: Harmoni for Health provide Healthcare to HMP Thameside. The service provision is covered by qualified nurses 24 hours a day and GP clinics run 6 days per week, with out of hours provision if required. The prison has a 17 bed in-patient unit. Specialist clinins attend Thameside regularly.

Integrated Drug Treatment Service (IDTS) is provided in conjunction with Turning Point and a specialist unit is provided in the house block for prisoners undertaking this treatment.

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