HMYOI Swinfen Hall, General Information

Swinfen Hall opened as a borstal in 1963 and, following a short period as a youth custody centre, in 1988-89 it became a long-term closed young offender institution. Two new wings were built in 1998, increasing the capacity to 320 places. The establishment has gone through a major expansion programme that has increased prisoner places from 320 to 604. It takes young men aged between 18  and 25. The prison is part of the West Midlands region and has a capacity of 604. The #1 governor is Ian West.


  • A – 64 places
  • B -60 places – closed for refurbishment
  • C -60 places – induction /first night
  • D -68 places – ‘Enabling environment’
  • E -60 places – PIPE (psychologically informed planned environment)
  • F – 90 place
  • G – 90 places
  • I -82 places – enhanced
  • J -80 places (it held 75 prisoners at the time of the inspection due to the refurbishment programme)
  • Care and separation unit – 17 places

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