Regimes at Styal

Gym There is a small gym and a sports field. All prisoners are encouraged to use the facilities and courses are offered by the gym instructors focused on promoting healthy lifestyles but also helping resettlement by delivering courses that lead to nationally accredited qualifications.

Library: The library, provided by Cheshire County Council, is based in a self-contained unit providing a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books, a range of CDs and DVDs are also available and access allowed to PC’s for teaching purposes. 

Chaplaincy The prison has 2 full time and various parttime ministers for all the main religions. Regular services are held. The chaplaincy are actively involved with the pastoral care of the prisoners.

Food: Meals are cooked at a central kitchen, with a menu choice to meet most religious/health requirements. Additionally there are 5 self-catering units, including 1 in the Mother and Baby Unit, where women can cook their own meals.

Healthcare: Provided by the NHS and Cheshire East Community Health (CECH). There are daily GP surgeries and regular clinics dealing with the majority of mainstream needs. There is a visiting optometrist and dental services Consultant psychiatrist clinics and visiting counsellors are facilitated by the Mental Health In-Reach team and a day care centre deals specifically with prisoners with primary mental health problems. All prisoners receive a health screen on admission to prison within 24 hours. The Mental Health In Reach team then carry out an assessment within 48 hours of admission on the First Night Centre.

Drugs Strategy: Close links are maintained with the local Drug and Alcohol Action Teams, particularly in Manchester. The establishment provides a short duration drugs programme as well as the enhanced thinking skills programme.

Family ties: The prison is supportive of maintaing family contact. Mothers with children up to the age of 18 months may be eligible to live in a dedicated Mother and Baby Unit (MBU), and take part in programmes to support the development of their child. The MBU is run by the Action for Children Charity click here.  Mothers with older children will be encouraged to keep contact through special events and family days.

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