General Information, HMP Styal

Styal became a prison in the 1960’s and HMP Styal is the only female prison establishment in the North West. Styal has a mother and baby unit where mothers can retain their children until they attain the age of 18 months.


There are 16 detached Victorian houses, with mainly shared accommodation for approximately 20 women each. Some have specialist functions.

  • Oak house -first night centre
  • Fox house -drug recovery unit
  • Waite wing -a mixture of single and double cells on two spurs holding 140 women needing greater supervision, including those on the basic regime or requiring regular observations as part of suicide and self-harm prevention management
  • Dove unit -complex needs centre, a 10-bed unit offering therapeutic support to women with complex needs
  • Bruce house -holds 22 women in semi-open conditions
  • Mother and baby unit -spaces for nine mothers and 10 babies
  • Care and separation unit -holds up to 10 women

New Development at Styal

In late January 2015 the Ministry of Justice opened a new unit at Styal, Bollinwood house -an open unit outside the gate holding 25 womenas an open wing located just outside the main prison. This unit is a “stepping stone” for those nearing release to live in open conditions to enable them to better re-intergrate into normal society

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