HMP Stoke Heath, Work and education

The regime includes education (full/part-time), workshops, vocational training courses, horticulture and recycling, catering, and extensive gymnasium facility and a maintenance department. They aim to provide relevant and recognised qualification s to assist our prisoners to achieve employment on release


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2 thoughts on “HMP Stoke Heath, Work and education”

  1. Hello please help me, I served a sentence at Stoke heath in 2001, I completed a level 1 and 2 in painting and decorating! I have since lost them and I’m desperate for a duplicate copy. How can I get one of these please? Please reply back to me, thank you.

    1. Lee,
      DoingTime has no connection with HMP Stoke Heath, we are an independent web site just trying to help people!

      I suggest that you contact the education department at the prison, the switchboard number is shown on the web site, as see if they can help, but if I am being honest I wouldnt hold my breathe. 2001 is a long time ago and I can’t find who was even the education provider back then.

      Sorry not to be more use,


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