Problems at HMP Stocken

Sometime during the afternoon of Sunday 14th June a major disturbance broke out at HMP Stocken. Initial reports are that at least 1 prison officer has been hurt, and over 100 prisoners are involved in the act of concerted indiscipline (the official prison term for a riot). 1 wing is under the control of the prisoners.

The Tornado Squad, a specially trained unit formed by prison  officers from prisons nationally, all of whom are volunteers, have been summoned to Rutland by Central Command in London.

As more facts come to light they will be posted here. 14/6/15 @21:00

The prison is now back under the control of the prison service, there were no significant injuries to any staff. The incident has been attributed to the action of prisoners under the influence of so called “legal highs” such as Mamba. 15/6/15 08:49

The riots took place on the drug treatment wing of the prison. The rioters broke into the prison medical store and ransacked the prison’s supply of methadone ( a recognised drug used in the treatment of addicts), a small number of prisoners are now being treated for drug overdoses. All the prisoners who were housed on the wing, whether they were actively involved in the riot or not, are being transferred to different prisons where they will continue having appropriate treatment for drug addiction as stocks of methadone at Stocken have been seriously depleted by the rioters.

The wing itself has been serious damaged by a number of fires set by the rioters, and is now closed. 16/6/15 18:14

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