HMP Stocken, Visits and getting there

Visits are held at the following times:

  • Wed: 13:45 – 15:45
    Fri: 13:45 – 15:45
    Sat: 09:15 – 11:15 & 13:45 – 15:45
    Sun: 09:15 – 11:15 & 13:45 – 15:45

The latest that you will be allowed into visits is 10:30 in the morning and 15:00 in the afternoon. You will require a valid visiting order to be allowed a visit. Visits must be booked using the visits booking line on 01780 795156, available at the following times:

  • Monday: 13:45 – 17:00 17:30 – 20:15
  • Tuesday: 13:45 – 17:00 17:30 – 20:15
  • Wednesday: 17:30 – 20:15
  • Thursday: 13:45 – 17:00 17:30 – 20:15
  • Friday: 13:45 – 16:45

You can book visits by e-mail if you want, visit:

All you need is the name and date of birth of the person you are visiting and their prisoner number. You can choose up to 3 possible dates and times. Prison booking staff will check what’s available and confirm your visit by email. If you’ve made an online visit booking request and haven’t received a confirmation email within 1-3 working days, please call 01780 795156, lines open:

Monday: 13:45 – 17:00 17:30 – 20:15
Tuesday: 13:45 – 17:00 17:30 – 20:15
Wednesday: 17:30 – 20:15
Thursday: 13:45 – 17:00 17:30 – 20:15
Friday: 13:45 – 16:45

Only those visitors named on the visiting order will be allowed entry. This includes children.
There are three types of visiting order.

  •  White – Statutory, May be used at any visits session. They are valid for 28 days from the date of issue.
  • Yellow – Privileged, May be used on Wednesday afternoons and Saturday & Sunday mornings only.
  • Red – Closed, For closed visits and must be pre-booked.

For prisoners recently transferred into HMP Stocken, one visiting order from their previous prison will be honoured.
When you arrive for a visit all visitors must produce two of the following as proof of identity: Passport, Driving Licence, Birth Certificate, Senior Citizens public transport pass, Annual public transport season ticket, Employers ID card that shows employee’s photo, Rail or bus pass with photo, Cheque book or credit card, Young person’s proof of age card, Trade Union or National Students card

There are  facilites for baby bottles to be heated in the Visitor’s Centre on request. If you wish to breast feed in private please ask one of the staff. Breast feeding will not be allowed once you are in the visits room.

Prams, pushchairs and buggies are not allowed in the visits room. You may leave these in the Visitor’s Centre. You may take a baby’s bottle into the visits room but no nappies. These are available to you in the visits room on request from the staff.

When entering the visits room please hand your visiting order to the officer sitting at the top table. The officer will then allocate you a table. There is a WRVS refreshments bar inside the visits room selling confectionery and cold drinks. There are also hot drinks/cold drinks/snacks vending machines and a water machine.
Children’s Links staff will be available to provide activities that support family ties by engaging children in arts and crafts during visits. There are highchairs and baby recliners available for very small children. If you require nappies and baby wipes, please ask one of the staff in the visits room.

Transport to the Prison

If you want to plan your journey on public transport visit the travel  web site  (click here). It is an excellent way to plan your visits.

The prison is in a largely rural area about 2 miles off the A1HMP Stocken is situated near the village of Stretton off the A1, exit onto the B668.The nearest stations are Stamford (10 miles), Grantham (15 miles) and Oakham (10 miles). You will need to take a taxi from the station to the prison.

Local taxi companies include:
Berridge Taxis – 01572 756088
Young’s Taxis – 01572 813053
Kevin’s Taxis – 01572 720136

Associated Silver Cabs – 01780 482800
Star Line Cabs – 01780 763245

If travelling by car the A1 exit B668 – Stocken is signposted from this point. On arrival at the prison, please use the main car park.

Return to Stocken

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