HMP Stocken, Regimes

Prison Regime

The prison regime includes the following activities: College (full/part-time), workshops, vocational training courses including, recycling, catering, bicycle maintenance, painting and brick-laying. There are gymnasium facilities with courses leading to qualifications. It is the aim to provide relevant and recognised qualifications to assist  prisoners to achieve employment on release.

The prison offer a number of accredited offending behaviour courses such as TSP and Healthy Relationships Programme alongside other psychological services. They also offer, drug treatment programmes and drug courses. Other special features are Listener Scheme, Insiders Scheme, a drug free wing, Resettlement Unit, Offender Management and Interventions Unit providing effective case management of prisoners to reduce reoffending, pro-active prisoner forum and Race Equality & Diversity Prisoner Representatives.

Drugs Strategy

Prisoners with a drug problem can be identified through reception interviews, mandatory drug testing, and through self referral requests for assistance. The prsion provide a dedicated team designed to work on interventions for individuals with a substance dependence. Arrangements can be made for detoxification, rehabilitation, treatment, education, and counselling e.g. a substance treatment programme is offered, counselling can also be arranged. HMP Stocken is committed to supporting those individuals who have a problem drugs and alcohol, and work very hard to prevent the trafficking of illegal drugs into the establishment.


HMP Stocken has Type 1 healthcare centre status. There is a contract with a local practice providing medical cover, and we have state registered nurses and sessional practitioners. The prison also makes use of NHS services for a full range of out/in patient facilities.

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