HMP Stafford, General Information

HMP Stafford was first opened in 1793 as the New Staffordshire Gaol and although some of the original building remains, the present establishment is mainly Victorian (notably the Main Hall and Crescent wings). The prison was closed between 1916 and 1939, reopening at the outbreak of the second world war to house both males and females. The female section of the prison closed within a few years of reopening, and for many years afterwards HMP Stafford held young offenders as well as adults. The prison was given a new role in August 2014 as a category C sex offender prison. The prison is part of the West Midlands region and the #1 governor is Ralph Lubkowski who has been in charge since 2018. The prison has a capacity of 741 and is operated by HMPS.


  • A wing 108 Mainstream prisoners
  • B wing 72 Mainstream prisoners
  • C wing 126 Mainstream prisoners
  • D wing 85 Mainstream prisoners and Induction
  • E wing 155 Vulnerable prisoners
  • F wing 155 Vulnerable prisoners
  • G wing 40 enhanced prisoners


Whilst the wings have been refurbished the accommodation reflects the age and heritage of the building.


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