General Information, HMP Send

Originally an isolation hospital, Send became a prison in 1962 when it opened as a junior detention centre. In 1987 it was reclassified as a category C adult male training prison and by 1999 the prison had been completely rebuilt and had changed its role; it now operates as a closed female training prison.

Send houses a 20-bed addictive treatment unit, an 80-bed resettlement unit and the only female prison therapeutic community with a capacity of 40. It also has a 20-bed psychologically informed physical environment (PIPE) community with approval to expand to 40 beds. 


  • A wing PIPE (including pre and progression)
  • B wing general population
  • C wing enhanced prisoners
  • D wing enhanced prisoners and ROTL unit
  • E and F wings currently closed
  • J wing induction; general population; therapeutic community

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