HMP Rye Hill, Regimes

Chaplaincy The emotional and spiritual welfare of all at HMP Rye Hill is a high priority. The Chaplaincy is a resource for both prisoners and staff, of all faiths or of none. Full-time, part-time and sessional chaplains and ministers work together to provide opportunities for worship, prayer and study for members of any faith whose practice is permitted in prison. An increasing number of volunteers provide a valued input to pastoral care and to our programme of groups and courses.
The team currently includes ministers and volunteers from the traditions of Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Paganism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Judaism, Quakers, Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Church of the Latter Day Saints.

Works.  The aim is to give prisoners a strong work ethic which reflects what is expected in a business environment.
Prisoners at HMP Rye Hill work for 6 hours per day, 30 hours a week in a range of activities that requires them to be both self-reliant and part of a team. Most of our prisoners achieve personal satisfaction from the responsibility they are given and are pleased to be involved as peer trainers, inductors, quality control inspectors and health and safety monitors. Training is given by the suppliers to attain the necessary standards, output and quality demanded by individual contracts.

There are three main workshops each employing between 60 and 70 prisoners. Within these areas a variety of work is undertaken for outside companies, all of whom have been delighted by the quality and consistency of the workforce and their attitude to work. Examples of the work currently undertaken are, Telecommunication reclamation, Computer reclamation, Computer programming, Production of hair nets for the hygiene industry, General and specialist packing , Vehicle wiring loom assembly, Manufacture and testing of transformers and circuit boards, Electronic component and emergency light unit assembly, Woodworking – producing fence panels, sheds, trellis etc. , Repair and refurbishment of warehouse trolleys

Drug Support Service
The drug support service at HMP Rye Hill works to the CARAT model offering support, advice, information and low-threshold counselling concerning drugs related issues. It is a service for problematic drug users and/or prisoners who have previously used and need ongoing support. The team consists of four workers and a team leader who are partly employed and managed by Compass, a leading provider of drug treatment services. They also work alongside the staff on the Voluntary Testing Units and the Offender Management Department.
Generally CARAT work undertaken by prisoners is on an individual basis. It is a needs led service and we work with the prisoner to identify skills and strategies to address drug behaviour.

Sports Facilities
At HMP Rye Hill the aim is to make a major contribution to the regimes of the prison by providing professional, purposeful and constructive physical education and opportunities for personal development, which will prepare prisoners for reintegration into the community and contribute towards developing the employability of prisoners upon release. The Sports Centre remains open for 365 days of the year. On weekdays, the first prisoners arrive at 0730 hours for morning circuits, and the last group leaves at 1905 hours. At weekends and Bank Holidays the timetable runs from 0815 hours until 1640 hours.  It has a capacity of 54 prisoners, 24 in the Fitness Room and 30 in the Sports Hall, and a staff team supervise and instruct the prisoners throughout their sessions.

The Fitness Centre provides a modern facility enabling both prisoners and staff to raise their physical fitness levels through personal fitness programmes, remedial training and enjoyable recreational activities.  Facilities available include: Main Sports Hall,  Weights Room, Fitness room, Remedial PE

The following is a selection of activities the Sports Hall offers: Circuits, Football, Rackets, Volleyball, Cricket, Football league, Basketball, Touch rugby.

A sports pitch is also available outside.

At HMP Rye Hill the catering is provided by Aramark, one of the largest service management organisations in the world. The catering department is required to provide meals 3 times daily for prisoners and lunch and hospitality in the staff restaurant from 7 days a week. The menu rotates on a four weekly basis and caters for all dietary, ethnic and healthy options needs including special diets as prescribed by the prison doctor.  Food is ordered via a weekly pre-select system and delivered to the Units by a hot trolley system.

Medical Facilities

The prison is committed to providing the highest standards of healthcare to prisoners in itc care. Healthcare is staffed 24 hours a day and is made up of qualified nurses and health care assistants. Their approach to  their work in prisons and secure settings with a professionalism and commitment that lays the foundations for improved services and recognise the dignity of the individual. All employees are selected and trained to respect the human rights and needs of detainees or prisoners. All staff are security vetted and provided with thorough induction training.

HMP Rye Hill has an integrated drug treatment service (IDTS) in operation to provide offenders who have a current substance misuse issue to receive the correct levels of medical and physical support to aid them in eventually leading a drug free lifestyle.  This includes one to one medical interventions and support as well as purposeful activities support via physical activity staff.

Visiting specialists include: Doctor,  Dentist, Optician, Chiropodist, Psychiatrist and Nurse-organised clinics include Diabetes, Asthma, Giving up smoking, Healthy living, Hepatitis, HIV, Physiotherapy, Blood testing, Mental Health Care, Counselling

Counselling offers time and space in a confidential setting for prisoners to talk about the problems and difficulties that may affect their every day living such as: anger, bereavement, anxiety, stress, difficulty with relationships, emotional problems, past abuse or just the desire to change.

Counselling can help prisoners to help themselves. Through counselling prisoners may come to have a better understanding of themselves, their actions, their thoughts and their feelings and is available by referral to any member of staff.

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