HMP Rye Hill, General Details

HMP Rye Hill opened in 2001. It has had seven full-time directors since it opened. It has been subject to three rectification notices, in 2005, 2007 and 2010. The latter was lifted in December 2010.

Short description of residential units

  • Andrews – Induction
  • Beaumont – General population
  • Carling – General population
  • Davies – General population
  • Edwards – General population
  • Farley – General population
  • Garforth – General population
  • Hastings – General population

Each unit has 72 cells.

The prison is run by G4S and the director in charge is Peter Small, who has been in charge since April 2017. It has a capacity of 625 and is part of the East Midlands region. Rye Hill holds men who have been convicted of sexual offences.


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