General Information, HMP Rochester

Rochester prison was originally built in 1874 on a old military site above the Medway River. It was rebuilt in the early 20th century as a borstal  Its pioneering methods were used as a model for other borstal institutions, which were given statutory authority in 1908 and lasted until their abolition in 1983, when Rochester was converted to a youth custody centre. In 1988, it became a remand centre for Kent courts and sentenced category C and D adult men. Its role changed again into a mixed site holding immigration detainees, as well as providing a resettlement unit for adult male prisoners at the end of their sentence and a remand and allocation centre for under 21-year-old males, altering yet again in June 2011, when it became a dual-purpose site catering for male young offenders and adult category C offenders.

In March 2017 HM Prison and Probation Service decided to close Rochester and redevelop the site by building a new, larger prison. In July 2017, the closure was postponed until 2019, when it might still be redeveloped as part of the prison reform programme


  • B wing, 93 singles 4 doubles/dorms
  • C wing, 65 singles 15 doubles/dorms
  • D wing, 93 singles 4 doubles /dorms
  • E wing, 20 singles, 49 doubles/dorms
  • F wing, 30 doubles
  • G wing, 30 doubles
  • H wing, 120 singles

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