Regimes at Risley

Programmes :The prison run offending behaviour courses in enhanced thinking skills, sex offender treatment programme, PASRO and CALM 

Substance Misuse Strategy Risley operates a Recovery Unit, in which prisoners can undertake a 12 week residential programme focusing on Recovery and substance abuse. They also have a range of interventions for prisoners who are identified with substance misuse issues with facilities to aid detoxification, rehabilitation, treatment, education and counselling.

Chaplaincy There are chaplains for Christians and Muslims, and there are visiting ministers provided for Sikhs, Hindus, Jews, Buddhists, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Quakers. The Chaplaincy provides learning and faith development opportunities through courses of various kinds and religious instruction.

Healthcare: Provided by the HNS via Warrington PCT there is 24 hour nursing but no in-patient facilities. The prison runs clinics and surgeries including GP run surgeries, Nurse Practitioner clinics, Nurse Triage, Community Pharmacy, Community Psychiatric Support, Health Promotion, Dentistry, Optician, Physiotherapy and Chiropody.

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