HMP Ranby, Regimes

Ranby has a dedicated Resettlement team that specialises in assisting prisoners with education, training, employment and accommodation upon release. There are links with providers of training and employment both locally and regionally and a Jobcentre Plus advisor based within the Prison to assist with all types of job searches and benefits enquires The Resettlement department also provides pre releases courses on CV’s, letter writing, application forms and interview techniques.

Provision of 3,294 meals per day served across 11 food service points taking into account the diverse population of the establishment. All food produced within legislation guidelines. Delivery of accredited vocational qualifications in Food Hygiene and Catering.

A fully equipped Library with access to over 2 million publications via the Nottinghamshire County Council Library Service. The Library is open Monday to Saturday.

Gymnasium & Sports
Facilities include two Weight Training areas, one Multi-Activity area, Sports Hall (Badminton, Five-a-Side, Basketball, Volleyball, Cricket nets and Remedial Gym) and Sports field for Rugby and Football. Certified courses running, CSLA, BAWLA OCN and NVQ in Sports and Recreation. Prison Team activities include Football, Rugby d Union, Cricket and Volleyball. Frequency of access to the Gym increases as prisoners progress through IEPS.

The Chaplaincy operates as a multi-Faith team representing CE, RC, Methodist , Moslem and the Salvation Army Minister. There are Visiting Ministers according to Faith needs.


Offending Behaviour Courses
Offending Behaviour Courses include Enhanced Thinking Skills [ETS] Controlling Anger and Learning to Manage it [CALM] and Cognitive Self Change Programme [CSCP].


Drugs Strategy

There is a comprehensive range of CARAT treatments available including one to one work, group work, auricular acupuncture and voluntary testing. Ranby has strong links with outside agencies including Drug Action and Alcohol Teams (DAAT) and Community Justice Interventions Teams (CJIT). The Prison Addressing Substance Related Offending (P-ASRO) course is also available. D&E wings currently have set places to hold prisoners transferring into Ranby who are continuing the IDTS (Intensive Drug Treatment service)
Medical Facilities

Ranby has type 2 healthcare status with an IDTS Centre. Health care is provided between 8am and 8pm (12 hours). There is a part time Medical Officer (3.5 hours per day) Monday to Friday.

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