HMP Ranby, General Details

The prison is located in a largely rural area close to the village of Ranby in Nottinghamshire, about one mile from Ranby village which lies 3 miles from Retford and 6 miles from Worksop on the A620. Since opening as a prison in 1972, Ranby has regularly had its capacity increased, most recently in 2008 when further acommodation was built. Workshops,a new health care building, kitchen, library and education facilities were added. In May 2016, Ranby became one of six early adopter sites for autonomy, enabling the director of the East Midlands Prison Group to make their own business and financial decisions independently of the wider prison estate. HMP Ranby is now part of the North Midlands Prison Group.

The prison opened in 1971 on the site of a former army camp. It has seen a steady expansion from 2004 with the development of modern house blocks. The most recent expansion was C wing, which opened in 2008. Workshops, a new kitchen, a library and education facilities have been added as part of previous expansions. The recent expansion of the prison has enabled a larger number and variety of work places, including the conversion of the former clothing exchange store and original C wing into the health care building and performance suite.

The accommodation at the prison is as follows:

  • House block 1: induction wing with single and double cells.
  • House block 2 North: a general wing; South: the drug intervention and drug recovery unit.
  • House block 3 North: a general wing; South: the ‘enabling environment’, where the regime was more relaxed and prisoners living there were expected to live more autonomously.
  • House block 4: Closed to undergo a fire protection upgrade.
  • House block 5: Single cells for up to 192 lower risk and older prisoners and those working night shifts.
  • House blocks 6 and 7: Single and double occupancy cells with integral sanitation and showers for 60 enhanced and elderly prisoners on each wing

The #1 governor is Nigel Hirst, in post since April 2016, and the prison can accommodate up to 1038 prisoners. HMP Granby is managed by HMPS and is part of the North Midlands group of prisons.

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