General Information, HMP Preston

HMP Preston was originally built in 1790. It closed in 1931 and reopened for military use in 1939 becoming a civilian prison again in 1948. In March 2014, the prison was given resettlement prison status under the government’s plans to transform how offenders are managed. A substance misuse recovery unit opened alongside a relaunched substance misuse assessment unit. Its community engagement centre enhances ‘through the gate’ processes.


A1 – Segregation unit

  • A2 – First night centre
  • A3/4/5 – Induction and general population
  • B – Vulnerable prisoner unit
  • C1 – Drug unit
  • C2 –Resettlement unit
  • C3/4 – General population
  • D – General population
  • F –Risk assessed workers unit for prison orderlies
  • G – Substance misuse recovery unit

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