Work & Education At Pentonville

Education at the prison is provided by Manchester College, who took over the contract in early 2015 from A4e. Education  operates out of 2 sites on E and G Wings. All prisoners are given an education induction briefing by education staff. Education is provided separately for VPs and ranges from Basic Literacy and Numeracy to level 3, ICT and Art

Outreach provision ( teaching at the place of work) includes ICT, Skills for Life, financial literacy, literacy & numeracy including ESOL and these are available in the workshops and gym.

Workshops Prisoners must apply for work in different areas depending on level of clearance which is decided at a weekly labour board. Wages paid range from £6.50 to £12.50 for employed for a 5 day week. The workshops are a Textile Workshop, Light industrial repairs, Light Industrial packing, cleaning, catering. There are the usual array of orderly jobs available within the prison ( cleaning, kitchen, maintenance etc)

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