Regimes at HMP Pentonville

Gymnasium & Sports The prison has a sports hall and weights / CV room with Multi-gym, free weights and a variety of fitness equipment. PE programs run throughout the week with evening provision four evenings per week. The prison does not have an outside sports field.

Healthcare Healthcare delivered by Whittington Health in partnership with Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust and Barnet. The prison has purpose built healthcare centre which has 22 inpatient beds, and a day care facility for patients with mental health problems that are managed on the wings.

Substance Misuse Services are delivered by one of the NHS Providers. There is a detoxification regime on B wing, although Methadone Maintenance is provided in other areas.

Mental Health Services There are numerous clinical reviews, as well as external and internal CPA case management arrangements. The Mental Health Team work closely with the prison to assess and manage risk in terms of cases where there a risk to staff or inmates.

Chaplaincy Pentonville has an Ecumenical Chapel, Synagogue and a Mosque, which is staffed by Full-time CE, RC Chaplains, and a Muslim Imam. Other Christian denominations and all other faiths permitted under the Prison Rules are represented by Sessional Chaplains, supported from a pool of Prison Visitors, and other Chaplaincy volunteers.

Race & Diversity HMP Pentonville actively works on our Positive Duty to eliminate unlawful racial discrimination, promote good relations and equality of opportunity between people of different racial groups. Good Race Equality and diversity is promoted within the establishment to build a culture of understanding between staff, prisoners, visitors and contractors. Prisoners have free access to racist incidents complaint forms and systems are in place to protect those who fear reprisals.

Prison Shop Weekly issue to each prisoner The stock consists of some 350 items and includes a range of ethnic and religious products. It is provided by DHL Booker.

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