General Information, HMP Pentonville

Pentonville prison was the prototype for a radical design by Major Jebb – after whom the avenue on which Brixton prison stands was named. Pentonville was completed over 170 years ago and has remained in use ever since as a local prison. Although much refurbishment has taken place the original four cellblocks are as they were when the prison opened in 1842.


  • Wing A – First night and induction unit
  • Wing C – General population
  • Wing D – General population
  • Wing E1 – Segregation unit
  • Wings E2-E5 – General population
  • Wings F1-F4 – Integrated drug treatment system (drug and alcohol) stabilisation unit
  • Wing F5 – Vulnerable persons unit
  • Wing G1 – Resettlement unit
  • Wings G2-G5 – General population
  • Health care centre – 22-bed inpatient unit
  • Wing J – Unit for prisoners who want to remain drug free and address their substance misuse

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