HMP Onley, Work and education

There are one hundred and ten education places in total. In addition, inclusive learning support is offered in the vocational training workshops and on the segregation wing. Education may be followed on a full or part time basis depending on the age and needs of the prisoner and meets the requirements of both the National Curriculum and National Specifications for numeracy, literacy and information technology.

A Virtual Campus facility is also available, where access to resources and short learning packages for subjects like Construction, Health & Safety, Catering, English, Math, Hairdressing etc. This facility can link to City & Guilds for on-line exams; and allows access to information on housing benefits, substance misuse etc.  The VC also links to JobCentre Plus for job advertisements and assistance with CV writing.

HMP Onley is working towards offering training places in all industries and activity areas where possible.  These include; Information Technology (PICTA project), Workshops covering subjects:  Concrete (which includes Forklift Truck qualification), Painting and Decorating, Motor Mechanics, Carpentry, Fast Fit, Bricklaying, Market Gardens, Multi-skills (construction), Textiles, Assembly, Kitchen work, Industrial Cleaning and the Waste Management Unit.

Other employment/training opportunities include working outside on licence, residential wing cleaning/painting and orderlies (for example: Gym, Stores, Healthcare, Library) and Catering.

A wide range of qualifications is achievable across all of these activity areas.

Basic Skills, Key Skills and language support is offered to all prisoners across all activity areas. This may be within formal, time tabled sessions or may be workplace based. Particular support is offered to those prisoners completing NVQ portfolios and distance learning.  Turning Pages provides support to help prisoners improve their reading skills.

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