HMP Oakwood, General Information

HMP Oakwood is a new prison. It opened on 24 April 2012 and provides places for 2106 category C male prisoners, making it one of the largest prisons in England and Wales. It is operated by G4S and became operational on the 24th April 2012. It is located next to the existing HMP Featherstone and HMP Brinsford near Wolverhampton. It is part of the West Midlands region and the #1 governor is John McLaughlin, who has been in post since May 2013.


  • Ash- Vulnerable prisoner population
  • Beech- General population and induction
  • Cedar- General population
  • Douglas- Lifer/long-term population (enhanced)
  • Elm- Drug Support Unit
  • Fir- Care and separation unit (segregation)

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