HMP Nottingham, Regimes

Prison Regime

Regime includes education, workshop places and domestic duties. There is a Listeners Scheme for those considered to be at risk from suicide or self-harm, community projects including regular visits by local children with special needs, and comprehensive Resettlement services offering advice on housing, debt management and assistance with employment
Drug Strategy

The prison has a very comprehensive Drug Strategy Policy with good links with both internal and external agencies. Training in drug awareness is provided for all staff. Prisoners are identified as having a substance misuse problem through an initial health screen on Reception, Induction, wing observation or self disclosure and are offered help and support via: PCT Substance Misuse Nurses who will offer a withdrawal programme or maintenance prescribing.

Prisoners are also seen on Induction by the CARAT (Counselling, Assessment, Referral, Advice Through-care) workers. CARAT workers aim to see all referrals within five working days and work with them throughout their sentence or time on remand. They are able to offer support and advice and can assist with linking prisoners to support when they are released.

To reduce the demand for drugs the prison operates a Voluntary Testing Programme and has a Voluntary Testing Unit based on Echo Wing to offer support to those wishing to remain drug free.

In order to reduce drug supply, the prison Security Department has a drug stifling team which includes Mandatory Drug Testing (MDT), regional drug dogs and full-time police liaison office

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